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Dimsum Daily, Hong Kong’s leading local English media outlet, will debut its first limited edition 2,888-piece NFT collection.

All Dimsum Daily NFTs will belong to the Dimsum Daily Club, a home-grown NFT project that aims to showcase Hong Kong life and culture.

With millions of monthly views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, the Dimsum Daily
Club will act as a catalyst to further engage with our thriving community.

The first official Dimsum Daily Club collection will be a 2,888-piece mint, named the ‘Wild Boars of Hong Kong’.

The Dimsum Daily Club’s mission is to create and build Hong Kong’s biggest NFT community,
showcasing the city’s past and present cultures, as well as representing common societal
issues. The vision is to expand the horizon of digital art & collectables space in the Asia Pacific,
South East Asian region and beyond.

All Dimsum Daily’s pieces are special and unique, with each individual artwork being an NFT
that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

Not only will these collections showcase local culture and life, but promote the importance of
giving back to the community. A percentage of all NFT sales made on Dimsum Daily will be
donated to various charities across Hong Kong.


The Dimsum Daily Club collections are intended for Dimsum Daily readers, crypto enthusiasts, passionate NFT holders, digital art & collectable connoisseurs, and users who believe crypto can be used as a tool not only for profit but also for charitable causes.

The first collection consists of 2,888 unique NFTs that resemble the Hong Kong wild boar.

The Dimsum Daily Club frequently uses boars as characters to tell stories that resonate with its audience. The collection also aims to depict Hong Kong culture & heritage, alongside regional and global events that shape modern society. Subsequent collections will be released thereafter, capturing important themes and events that depict Hong Kong life and real-time social issues.

We believe in fostering a global community of Dimsum Daily Club members.

Join our Discord to follow our latest announcements and be part of our community!


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Public Sale:

  • Concept creation
  • Social channels live
  • Marketing and community building
  • Initial whitelisting events
  • Partnerships and cross-promotions
  • Charitable foundation
Group 838


  • Dimsum Daily Club collections will be available to trade on the secondary markets (OpenSea)
  • The team works on its second collection, inspired by Hong Kong culture and society
  • Holders of 1st collection automatically get whitelisted and discounted NFTs from the 2nd collection
  • Continue to develop unique partnerships with influencers and brands that represent what Dimsum Daily stands for
  • Whitelisting alpha group for holders to get premium access to new innovative NFT collection
  • Special networking events with NFT holders both online and offline
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  • The collections retain value over time as our community grows and Dimsum Daily becomes a leader in the NFT industry. Given our existing reach to millions worldwide, our existing readership and communication of news events to our global audience is unmatched
  • Pieces are produced in limited supply and linked to Hong Kong society, all holding a degree of rarity. This means that as a holder, you are the rightful owner of a limited edition collectible, documenting a special moment in history and contributing to societal awareness and charitable causes in Hong Kong
  • Access to future NFT drops by the Dimsum Daily Club - priority whitelisting, airdrops, and more!
  • Access to private member events held both online and offline
  • Access to exclusive whitelisting opportunities with reputable and innovate new projects
  • Access to proprietary research pieces on the NFT industry, trends, and undervalued projects


Dimsum Daily has grown significantly over the years, attracting millions of views per month.

Revenue and expansion are important, but those two things are only part of a much grander vision.

The Dimsum Daily Club collections are produced with the goal of having a large positive impact. Not only do they exist to educate people on significant events that shape our lives today, but also to spread awareness of existing structural and societal issues.

Money is a tool that can be used to better the world and it is a unit of caring. All of us in the community care about cryptocurrencies and better financial systems, but we must also care about inequality and injustice that take many forms.

frequently asked questions

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. These are unique tokens which are easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as images, videos, music, GIFs and more.

NFTs exist on a blockchain, which is a distributed public ledger that records transactions. Specifically, NFTs are usually held on the Ethereum blockchain, although other blockchains support them as well.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies because they’re not interchangeable. You can compare NFTs to physical collector’s items in digital form.

Isn’t Dimsum Daily a viral news outlet - why create an NFT project?

Dimsum Daily was built from the ground up digitally with little traditional funding and support. Our success has been due to our strong community growth. As a passionate platform for the arts, Hong Kong society and charity, we have decided to release a digital art project as an NFT and to grow our presence in this space with our first mint and in the future with further collaborations. 

When’s the mint?

Whitelist Presale: TBD
Public Sale: TBD

What is the price?

The price of each NFT in a collection varies depending on collection exclusivity and whether the collection is a limited edition

How many NFTs can I mint?

This is TBD and still being decided by the team

How do I purchase a Dimsum Daily Club NFT?

You will be able to mint directly on our website, using Metamask

When will I be able to see my NFT (when is the reveal?)

The NFTs will be revealed once the Public Sale has officially ended 

Is your smart contract gas efficient?

Yes, we use ERC-721 smart contracts

What charities are you supporting?

We are currently short-listing charities in Hong Kong that align with Dimsum Daily's vision. If you have any suggestions, reach out to us via Twitter/Discord/Instagram